New academic year – day 60-70 juggling those plates…

I can’t believe I am nearing the first 100 days…. on one hand I feel so new on the other I feel I have been here for ever. 

Starting a new term is exciting – the last half term we had done some ground work but now we were building on the vision. 

Over the summer I took three weeks to just be me; spending time recharging and enjoying my family time. It is important to recharge and take care of yourself. I don’t think you realise how tired you are till you stop ! 

The last few weeks of the holiday I wanted to be proactive so we could hit the ground running. What was important? What was urgent ? Again back to juggling those plates. Some of the time I spent on the school environment what did I want to feel when I walked in? Love? Warmth, inspiration fun? Aspiration ? What did I want to children to feel? All of the above! 

Aspiration is key to our journey. I want us to exceed our expectations, to aim high, not be driven to do exceptional things  but to do ordinary things exceptionally well! 

It can seem like you have a mountain to climb so it was easier to think about small manageable steps. Starting with the ground work – establish the basics. Setting the high aspiration and high expectations for teaching and learning and wider for our practice in school. Utilise every resource in your team and be a resource for your team. Create a culture of learning for the children and for your staff. Develop leaders at all levels in school – you have to be sustainable. High quality positive relationships with all, the children , the staff and all the stakeholders. 

My team live and breathe the vision for our school with me, we all want to same- to be the very best school at the heart of our community. To do this we all need to know what our roles and responsibilities are and how we contribute to achieving the vision. We are all collectively responsible! 

With budgets getting ever tighter, we all face the day to day challenges of juggling staff, stretching resources and having to think outside the box and be creative with what we have. Utilising staff skills enables effective deployment, high quality CPD enables you to develop skills and builds on what you have. Knowledge and skills develop confidence – enables growth.  

A week in and I can feel the buzz! The children can feel it too. Two great inset days set us all up for our journey. A culture of high aspiration is developing. Teaching and learning is always on our mind, staff share their good practice through the teaching and learning board. This week we have seen old suitcases arrive in school with clues. A teacher arrive at school dressed in military combat, the great Fire of London recreated in the playground ( health and safety was followed!) its magical! Teachers share tweaks of the week- school is buzzing! The children are incredibly proud of their school and when we had our VIP visitors they couldn’t wait to show off their school. This year we have also set up triads so teachers have the opportunities to watch each other and share their practice. 

It’s been a mad and hectic start to the term. I spend most of the day juggling plates and know I need to spend more time being strategic at work rather than operational. This is a personal target I’ve set myself! I’m keeping notes of our journey as it is easy to forget the things you do and the impact they have! I’m lucky to be surrounded by superb support and a great team. Both enable me to grow and become a better leader. 

Small steps … lead to success 

You never know how far you will fly till you spread your wings…. 


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