Days 40-60 Vision, Values and Virtues 

I’ve survived my first half term and a bit! I left school yesterday with a smile! I had waved goodbye to year six leavers, safely counting them on to the party bus first of course! Hugged the staff who are leaving us for pastures new and went quietly back inside to collect my three trollies!  

I walked through school and smiled as I passed the empty classrooms through the corridors. I had set the teachers a challenge – make your classrooms creative environments that celebrate and inspire our children. Yes I had a list of non negotiables but it didn’t included double back in blue etc etc. I want staff to be creative and think about their learners – how can we make school the most vibrant magical place to be? Corridors and classrooms had started to spring into life with colour everywhere- I know I am watching a garden grow. 

The corridors are mammoth and can look a little like a hospital corridor – a quick fix before the magic begins was getting some inspirational quotes and tiny fairy doors. I stopped at the one near my office and giggled. One little girl had spotted the fairy door earlier and her reaction had caused a crowd to grow, a conversation to develop – it was magical! A boy then slipped his hand in mine and told me “Mrs Ingle the colour is back” had to look away- tears! Something so small had made a difference. Wait till they see what we do in the holidays ! 

We all should love coming to school – never underestimate the environment ! It can drain you and oppress you! Or it can invigorate, stimulate and excite you! I am looking forward to seeing creativity spring into life in the Autumn term. 

Closing my door and walking with the last load to the car- I’m reflective. 

I often walk out of school without ticking anything off my to do list, I beat myself up and ask what have you achieved? I remember Chris talking to us on first NPQH day telling us to write down all the things you do do. I am glad I listened as what we have achieved in a small amount of time is fabulous and we should celebrate what we do do!

As a team, we know where we want to be and how we are going to get there! We have a clear vision. We have policies in place that fit who we are and what we are about. Robust procedures are in place to keep us focused and on track. Our children are happy and safe. We have high expectations of all our children, parents and stakeholders. We are a team all on the same journey determinded to be the very best! I am proud of  the team, I love the fact they are excited to share what went well in school – I love the buzz they have about school, teaching and learning and trying new things. 

Emotional resilience is incredibly important in Headship , I don’t think I realised the weight that can lay on your shoulders. It is so important to have people around you – I have been so fortunate to have superb mentors and people I could turn to. I don’t think they would realise the impact they have had on me or how they have helped clarify things in my head. They have been my heroes and heroines! Selflessly sharing, giving up their valuable time or just simply texting me for a daily update.  

I’ve grown professionally and personally during these 60 days! I have learnt daily. Leadership is complex and a journey. There are many leaders I admire all with very different ideas and traits. But each inspire me in unique ways. Heads I follow on twitter have become twitter friends. Twitter is one of the best forms of CPD and also for support and challenge. Heads within the Trust have a wealth of experience they are happy to share and are always willing to help and support. 

Stakeholders play a key part in school, I am lucky to have a brilliant governor who is an ex head, Peter. He is incredibly supportive as well as challenging my thinking. He has a natural gift with staff and children, he brings such a lot to school and I look forward to the days he is in school. 

While headship can be all consuming, you have to be responsible for you as well. It is important to take time out for yourself. You are no good to anyone if you are burnt out! For the next three weeks I am not going to think about school I am going to simply be me! Mother, wife and friend! I am going to recharge and enjoy every single second ! 

Tigger mode will return and planning will commence for Autumn term. I’m excited to see what it brings ! 


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