Day 15-20 the road to success is a squiggle

I promised myself when writing this blog about the first 100 days I’d be honest. Having read a lot of articles, books and listening to speakers talk about leadership- you sort of get the impression you have a vision and go from A to B. What no one really talks about is it isn’t a straight line from A to B it’s full of twists and turns, obstacles and highs and lows. 

This week has been hard, it’s been reflective, emotional, thought provoking and made me even more determined.

There have been clear lows when I have got in the car, beaten myself up ( I’ll call this reflection ) gobbled tea, grunted at my husband and daughter and ploughed on with work, fell in to bed and then got up and repeated the process again. 

I honestly believe it is good to feel like that ( at times this week I haven’t felt that way! ) it makes you clarify your vision and what you need to do to get there, it enables you to learn hard and uncomfortable lessons that make you evaluate and unpick issues. It has given me clarity, a plan of action, a sense of sheer and utter determination. I have grown this week for sure. 

As a profession we always focus on the negative, what ever happens that we didn’t want to happen over clouds the good things that have happened. I’ve let this happen this week, I’ve let something over shadow an amazing  week! Learn from things, grow but celebrate what has been a success. 

Monday we had our Inset day delivered by the very talented Laura Wookey, an amazing lead practitioner for the trust led a great Inset on growth mindset. Three new staff joined my team, the staff welcomed them into the team and the room was filled with laughter and learning. So much talent within the team with more talent starting – September is looking exciting. 

We had lots of visitors this week, NFER phonics screening and external writing moderation. Both headteachers of their own schools at some point in their careers. Both complimented me on my school, the warmth and welcoming atmosphere and the high quality staff and fab children. They saw what I see daily. 

I am beginning  to plan for September – looking at skill sets, CPD for staff and how to shape the amazing talent that is already there. It’s exciting to plan for the future. At times Headship feels like firefighting , more operational that strategic. I often ask myself is this how it is? Or my inexperience ? I’ll let you know! 

My deputy, Jen is amazing, she is going to make a fantastic head one day.  She is a great critical friend, we are different but our thinking is the same. She has been amazing this week- well every week- but this week I couldn’t have done it without her! 

We have new children starting and that is as a result of people talking In the village – the schools great go and look. Facebook page for parents is going down well and I am really excited to see how we can develop this.

Heads Away day with the trust and schools teaching alliance was a highlight this week, networking with talented and experienced leaders enables you to get support from others. The teaching alliance offer must have know my CPD need for next year as it is all there! Looking forward to next years triad and networking already. 

The Trust held their awards evening this week to celebrate the talented children and staff across their school. It was huge event that celebrated trust values, the children were buzzing! Such incredible memories made that will stay with them forever.  

Sitting in the garden now , sun is shining – reports in front of me to read. Reflecting on the week, while it’s been hard, i have survived, I’ve grown and I am proud of my school. I really do love my job and I am truly excited about the adventure we are on. 


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