Day 10-15 heroes and heroines … 

This week has been a week of heroes and heroines .. there have moments of Tigger and moments of Eeyore. 

Headship can be lonely if you allow it to be! You can get overwhelmed with the mountain ahead and the obstacles that get in your way if you allow them too! Trust in the support around you! Never be afraid to ask! Learn daily, grow daily, look forward not back- grow and succeed. 
Staying focused on what is truly important to you as a leader guides you through, planning for change and growth is key. But having heroes and heroines supporting you is the key to success. 

Heroes and heroines come in all different forms. This week I have seen many.

Children: the children have embraced change and walking around school I watch them beaver away in lessons – a gentle hum of engagement makes me swell with pride. Around the corridors of school children greet me with smiles and “how are you?” As I peak into rainbow room ( a structured nurture group in the afternoon for children with special education needs and emotional and social diffeiculties ) I find myself smiling as I watch the children interact with two amazing teaching assistants who are passionate about the right kind of nurture. The collaboration and trust in the group is built and progress is phenomenal. I often pass find myself wandering in just so I can share the experience.

Team: I have watched my team grow and develop, they work hard and have a real passion for what they do. They have embraced change and driven it forward to make school a magicial place to be. I feel incredibly supported and know that what ever decisions we make – we make it for our children and our community. My SLT team are supportive and again embrace change- they are excellent critical friends! 

Governors – I have a hero governor who is an ex head with a wealth of experience at his finger tips- his support and challenge is pivotal. He shared a blog he had written during his last fifty days – I have read it with comfort and laughter and smiled at while times change problems are similar .  He inspires me, challenges me and supports . 

Heads and networks- being new to Headship and new EYFS especially, there are often things I don’t know!  But someone does! Knowing I can pick up the phone and someone can walk me through things I am unfamiliar with is brilliant. Two this week – one experienced  inspiration head that lives not far from my school always has an answer and she has a talent of never making me feel like anything is a daft question- she shares her experiences and is willing to help. Kim you are a amazing. Her DH works with her as she is an EYFS specialist – totally out of my comfort zone, Sarah the DH  is EYFS she lives and breathes it- I have learnt so much ! Her passion is infectious – she has created an EYFS bible for me.  I spend a lot of time in EYFs and I’m learning and growing . Expertise is all around you, tap into them – you are not expected to know everything, you ask, you learn, you grow and you get better at the job. 

The trust: having worked for the local authority for most of my teaching life working for the trust is a breath of fresh air. I have had most of the trust in this week for different reasons. Graeme for QA helping me with action plans, target setting, challenge and support. Zoe budget setting with me and my talented SBM. Nick -health and safety walk and getting me a new fence – double hero Nick 🙂 and Chris whose support knows no bounds, who inspires me greatly to be more to grow more and to believe. And Paul who knows what to say at the right time! It is an amazing team of talented, passionate professionals and I am proud to work for such an inspirational trust. 

I love my job ! 

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