Days 5-10… 

Learning all the time…

Days five to ten, key stage one SATS tests, safeguarding audit and writing moderation. And a swarm of bees! What a week! 

This week I have often thought of the many leadership books and blogs I’ve read to remind myself what people have shared about their first 100 days,  things like:

Take stock, listen and observe

Plan daily every thing you do is being observed

Be welcoming 

State where you are going 

Stage manage meetings

Be visible 

Be open and honest 

Develop a positive culture 

Have a compelling vision 

Remember that behaviour changes before beliefs do

See change from different perspectives 

Listen and reflect 

Have a time table for change


Celebrate good things 

Perhaps the one I use daily is “will it benefit our children?” I ask myself this question a lot. 

I spent a lot of time this week having one to one meetings with staff, this was time well spent – I learnt so much by listening and observing staff share their thoughts and beliefs. The staffs passion for their school and community is inspiring. They work hard, long hours and go above and beyond. They want the best outcomes for the community and for the children.  It was evident they see challenges, the same ones I see.  Reflecting on these conversations has enabled me to clarify my thoughts and has confirmed the direction we are travelling is one we all believe in. The vision begins…

What I plan to do, often doesn’t happen- to do lists grow and not a lot gets ticked off. At times I find this  frustrating and often drive home questioning what I have actually achieved. Is this normal I wonder ? 

Being visble is key, when I think back to my first few days every time I said “morning” wearing a smile- parents looked at me and didn’t really respond at all- by the end of the second week parents were speaking to me. The school corridors are filled with good mornings, hellos and how are you greetings. It’s a pleasure to listen to the greetings. Children walk through the corridors calmly, my cliperty clip round the corridors remind children to walk calmly, I smile inside as I catch them slowing down. 

I am filled with pride as pupils share their work with me, this week I was moved by my year five children as they wrote to the Manchester community following the tragedy- the children’s thoughtful, kind and compassionate words inspired me. The teachers tenderness dealing with such a tragic subject was inspirational. The school Facebook post was shared by nearly four thousand people! Our children touched the lives of many with their compassion – powerful!

The safeguarding audit was enlightening and I learnt a lot that day. Even though I have been a designated person for a long time as a head you need to be familiar with so much more. It’s the same with Health and Safety you know a little but as a head you need to have a clear overview – ultimately you are responsible for both. 

Never miss an opportunity … a swarm of bees decided our quad area would make a lovely new home. Pest control don’t deal with bees, so we called in a local bee keeper who helped us. He then offered to spend a day in school to share how honey is made and why bees are important to the environment. 

It’s now half term and I’m already thinking ahead to September, three new members of staff are joining the team. June’s Inset day will be preparing for September, being part of a trust enables expert help at your finger tips- the lead for teaching and learning will be delivering growth mindset and enable table training for us. 

So what did I achieve ?

Three polices written

Meeting one to one with staff

Survived safeguarding Audit

Survived bee swarm and got a free visitor into school 

Three action plans written 

Rag rated SIP with SLT

I remembered when assembly time was! 

Nurture room and group sorted with all interventions linked to boxall profiles

Timetables done

Ordered a new computer system! 

And I learnt something new daily!

Even though there are moments of  frustration and there just aren’t enough hours in day – the majority of the time I really do love this new role! 


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